Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality

Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality



Pharmacists Manitoba  recognizes the importance of avoiding perceived and actual conflicts of interests on the part of members of the Board of Directors, Committees and associated staff. To manage these concerns, this policy has been developed.

A person may gain an interest when s/he, a business or professional partner, employee, employer, family member, or other associate is in a position to benefit from a relationship with a third party, where such benefit arises from his/her position with Pharmacists Manitoba. This benefit may be direct or indirect, and need not be financial in nature.

If any member of the Board of Directors, a Committee or associated staff member believes or becomes aware that s/he may have an interest which conflicts with his/her fiduciary duty towards Pharmacists Manitoba, s/he must at that time, or as soon as possible thereafter, declare fully the conflict and its nature and shall thereafter refrain from participating in the formal or informal consideration of any matter to which the possible conflict relates until such time as the interest has been satisfactorily resolved. Final resolution shall be by the Board of Directors.


Members will review the policy and sign the declaration of conflict of interest and confidentiality annually.

The President of Pharmacists Manitoba will review and bring forward all declared conflicts of interest to the Board of Directors annually or as they are declared, and the Board of Directors will determine appropriate action thereafter.

If a person is in a position or relationship that poses, or may be seen to pose, a conflict of interest with his/her fiduciary role in Pharmacist Manitoba while serving in such a role, the Board of Directors shall consider whether a conflict of interest exists and shall require the individual to absent himself/herself from all deliberations and actions, both formal and informal, affecting said interest. In addition, the Board of Directors shall take one or more of the following actions:

  1. Determine that there is no conflict of interest and/or no danger of a perceived conflict;
  2. Determine that such individual’s disclosure of the interest is sufficient and that no further action is required;
  3. Require that the individual be denied access to any and all confidential information, including written documents and oral and written reports relating to issues affecting said interest.
  4. Ensure any declared interest is reflected in the minutes of the appropriate meeting of the Board of Directors.

A financial conflict of interest arises or is perceived when a Director or a group of Directors is offered an inducement with an aggregate value of one hundred dollars ($100) for a single occasion; below this threshold, no conflict exists.

The Pharmacists Manitoba Policy on Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality will be reviewed prior to September 1, 2012. The effective date of the Policy is Mar. 1, 2011.

Board Members, Committee Members, and Staff can print the Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality agreement and submit a signed copy to Pharmacists Manitoba  by fax (204)956-6686, email at, or mail 202-90 Garry St. Winnipeg, MB R3C 4H1