Scotia Professional Plan

Scotia Professional Plan

Our business specialists can help you make the most of a lifetime of financial opportunities.
Whether you’re a professional who is finishing your accreditation, has recently graduated, is in a salaried position or already in practice, financial considerations will play an important role in a rewarding career. And at each stage in your life, as professional and personal goals change, your financial needs will change as well.

Scotia Professional® Plan is designed to meet these needs and goals by providing you with a flexible and comprehensive package of the customized financial solutions, services and advice. By making your financial life easier, we can help you free up time to focus on more important things – your practice and your personal life.

You have unique needs and goals at each stage of your career.

As a student professional.

Scotia Professional® Student Plan has been the leading student financial solution for the past 10 years. It’s designed specifically to meet the unique financial needs and goals of attaining your accreditation on qualifying professional study programs. An invaluable part of the Plan is that it includes financial guidance from a dedicated Small Business Banker on how to finish your education with manageable debt.

Scotiabank can help you:

1. Finance your education. Plan ahead to make sure you find the money you need to cover educational and living expenses. We’ll help you arrange all of the credit you’ll need from day one of your post-graduate studies until you graduate. You can benefit from preferred borrowing rates and have access to your funds seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

2. Manage your cash flow and establish your credit rating. We’ll show you how to choose the right solutions for each borrowing need you have. Borrow what you need when you need it and establish your credit rating. A Scotia Professional Student Plan Line of Credit, for example is the most convenient way to borrow precisely what you need, when you need it and a great way to manage your cash flow, while reducing your borrowing costs.

3. Repay your student debt comfortably. You can defer loan interest payments while in school, provided you’re within your credit limit. Make sure the repayment of your student loan is not a burden during your transition from student to resident to working professional. We have flexible options including a 12-month, repayment grace period after your studies have ended. You start making principal payments when your income increases as a professional.

As a salaried professional

If you decide on a salaried or associate position or establish your own practice, choosing the right advisors will be one of the most important steps you take. In addition to the best lawyers and accountants, you will also need the right team of financial specialists to provide you with the best financial solutions, service and advice today and as your needs evolve in the future.

Scotiabank can help you:

1. Manage your borrowing. When you need to find the money to buy a home, renovate, or start up your practice, Scotiabank will help you choose the best borrowing and banking solutions for your situation. These solutions will minimize your borrowing costs and stimulate your cash flow. Our flat fee bank account with unlimited transactions will help you achieve your professional and personal goals cost-effectively.1

2. Develop a long-term financial plan. Planning gives you confidence because it helps you get organized and motivated. It’s a step-by-step guide that can include all your personal and professional goals, such as saving for your child’s education, paying down your mortgage, and financing or expanding your practice. Your Small Business Banker can connect you to a team of expert advisors who can help you with all your planning needs.

Or, in business for self

Being the key person in your practice can mean a hefty workload. Your Small Business Banker can help you do an analysis of your business and personal financial needs and help you make the workload more manageable. They will help you choose solutions that make financial management easy and convenient, letting your concentrate on what’s important to your business’ growth.

Scotiabank can help you:
1.Find the money to grow and manage your practice. Whether you’re starting a new venture, buying an existing practice, purchasing equipment, hiring new staff or buying furnishings, finding the money will be primary consideration. Scotia Professional® Plan is customized financial package that includes everything you need, from borrowing, with flexible repayment options, a complete travel reward solution with ScotiaGold Passport™ VISA* card, a preferred merchant discount rate through our alliance with Chase Paymentech Canada, and a dedicated Small Business Banker to help arrange it all for you.

2. Plan for emergencies, expansion or succession. Whether you’re setting aside funds for future growth or protection against economic downturns, a few small changes in your savings methods can make saving money a lot easier. As a professional, many people depend on you, so it is important to put a succession plan in place early. Your Scotiabank Small Business Banker can connect you to a team of expert advisors who can help you plan for business transitions.

Offer refers to account level fees only for one bank account. This includes all account and monthly transaction fees for the selected banking package. Offer does not include fees not covered by your banking package or fees charged by other financial institutions, and access fees to use non-Scotiabank banking machines (eg. Interac_, VISA or Plus System fees apply).

Scotia Professional Plan financial checklist
As a professional, you owe it to yourself to compare your current banking arrangement to the Scotia Professional Plan. Do you enjoy:

  • Interest paid on surplus funds
  • 20% discount on Account Plan for business™ monthly plan fees
  • The expertise of a dedicated Small Business Banker
  • Up to 100% financing of equipment
  • Flexible repayment terms including deferment of principal payments for start-ups, recent graduated and parental leaves
  • ScotiaGold Passport™ VISA card with annual fee waived
  • Preferred merchant discount rates through our alliance with Chase Paymentech Canada
  • 24/7 access to your money and online Resource Centre
  • ScotiaMcLeod, Wealth Management

If you’re not currently enjoying one or more of the features above, consider the needs-based approach of Scotia Professional Plan, designed specifically for the busy professional.


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