Legal Assistance Program

Legal Assistance Program

2200 – One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 0X7

Telephone: (204) 942-2271
Facsimile: (204) 943-4242

Background to the Program

Pharmacists Manitoba and the Law Firm of D’Arcy & Deacon have entered into an arrangement for the provision of legal advice and services to all practicing and retired Pharmacists Manitoba members in good standing and their immediate families. The Program is designed to provide a high quality legal service at a discounted cost.

D’Arcy & Deacon is a law firm consisting of thirty-three lawyers able to offer legal advice and services to Pharmacists Manitoba members and their immediate families in virtually every area of law. For more information about D’Arcy & Deacon, please contact any of the lawyers listed on the back of this pamphlet.

Participation in the Program

As a member in good standing, your participation in the program is initiated by contacting either one of the following lawyers:

  • Grant A. Stefanson 925-5376
  • Kenneth J. Muys 925-5379

Please indicate that you are calling pursuant to Pharmacists Manitoba’ Legal Assistance Program. Once you have described the nature of your inquiry, D’Arcy & Deacon will either provide a free initial telephone consultation or will arrange for a meeting at their offices. The lawyer assigned to the Member’s matter will be determined by the nature of the inquiry. All discussions with D’Arcy & Deacon lawyers are confidential.

Legal Advice and Services

D’Arcy & Deacon is a full-service law firm. Some examples of the many types of legal services provided by D’Arcy & Deacon are as follows:

Civil Litigation: Most Court matters fall under this area of law, including debt collection, insurance claims, contract disputes, employment law issues, and personal injury claims.

Administrative Law: Involves appearances before tribunals and boards.

Labour and Employment Law: Includes union and non-union employment matters such as wrongful dismissals and employment contracts.

Corporate and Commercial Law: Covers all commercial agreements such as leases, business contracts, financing matters, partnerships and all corporate matters including incorporations, business names, shareholders agreements and annual returns.

Wills and Estate Planning: In addition to the basic legal services consisting of drafting Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Probating Estates, tax advantages may be achieved through income splitting and utilization of trusts.

Real Estate: Standard transactions include residential purchases, sales and mortgages of property and more complex transactions involve the sale of commercial properties, including Pharmacies.

Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association Hearings: Under The Manitoba Pharmaceutical Act , one of several committees including the Discipline Committee may require a Pharmacist to respond to certain allegations at a hearing and a Pharmacist may wish to attend the hearing or meeting with a lawyer.

Family Law: Includes Prenuptial Agreements, Separations, Divorces and Adoptions.

Pharmacist Malpractice Insurance

Your Malpractice Insurance Policy covers certain legal fees. If you wish to retain one of our lawyers to act on your behalf in a professional disciplinary matter, once your insurer confirms that your matter is covered by your insurance policy, your insurer will pay the legal fees of one of our lawyers to advance your defence or to negotiate a satisfactory resolution. Our firm has extensive experience in matters relating to the regulation of professionals, including Pharmacists.

Legal Fees

D’Arcy & Deacon lawyers will provide a free 30 minute initial consultation. Following the initial consultation, you may decide to either retain D’Arcy & Deacon or decline to use the Program. If you choose to participate in the Program, you are entitled to certain legal services at guaranteed rates as follows:

Type of Legal Service Legal Fees
Simple Will ( No Trust Provisions ) $175.00
Power of Attorney $95.00
Health Care Directive/Living Will $95.00
Basic Home Purchase or Sale* $400.00
Basic Home Purchase with Mortgage* $600.00
Basic Home Mortgage Refinance* $450.00
Incorporation $750.00
Business Name Registration $175.00
Annual Returns for Corporation $90.00
Uncontested Divorce $825.00


In addition to Legal Fees, you are also responsible to pay disbursements and G.S.T. Disbursements are costs which a law firm incurs on your behalf, such as Court filing fees, postage, courier, photocopying and fax charges. G.S.T. is chargeable on legal fees and most disbursements. For legal services other than the above scheduled matters, D’Arcy & Deacon will provide legal services on the basis of the hourly rate of the lawyer who performs the work, less a 15% discount as part of the Program.

* Standard transactions only- excludes new construction. Additional fees may be added for condominium or for transactions involving multiple discharges or title insurance. 

General Matters

Pharmacists Manitoba has negotiated the terms of the Program on behalf of M.S.P. members and D’Arcy & Deacon is committed to the provision of high quality legal services to its clients and the community which it serves. If you have any questions regarding the Program, please contact either the Executive Director of the Society or the contact persons at D’Arcy & Deacon LLP as follows:

Jill Ell
Chief Operating Officer
Pharmacists Manitoba
(204) 956-6682

Grant Stefanson
D’Arcy & Deacon
(204) 925-5376

Kenneth J. Muys
D’Arcy & Deacon
(204) 925-5379