Board of Directors Election

Board of Directors Election

On February 18, 2022, Pharmacists Manitoba circulated the Call for Nominations for election to the Board of Directors for the 2022 – 2024 term. The Call for Nominations identified that 5 members are to be elected to the board and included the names of 5 nominees as identified by the Nominating Committee.  A request for further nominations was included with a submission deadline of 5:00 pm, March 15, 2022.  

Two additional nominations were received as a result of the Call for Nominations however, two of the candidates originally identified by the Nominations Committee withdrew from the election prior to the deadline of March 15th.  

As there are 5 vacancies on the board and only one nominee for each of the five positions, the election will not take place.  

The following individuals will be appointed to the Pharmacists Manitoba Board of Directors by acclamation for the 2022- 2024 term:  

Jennifer Butler    Kimi Guilbert      Carey Lai    Amarjeet Makkar      Marilyn Sidhu 

These dedicated individuals will take office at the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors following the Pharmacists Manitoba Annual General Meeting on April 23rd, 2022.