• Manitoba pharmacists look to Alberta's expansion of pharmacy care clinics as example

    On January 26, 2024 / News

    An expanded role for pharmacists might help ease pressure on Manitoba’s health-care system, pharmacists say. It’s a model being expanded in Alberta, and sees pharmacists take a more clinical approach by offering services through pharmacy care clinics. “Alberta has been a leader in terms of pharmacy scope of practice for more than a decade now,” said Tim Smith, a pharmacy practice advisor with Pharmacists Manitoba.…

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  • Manitoba hospitals seeing surge expecting rise in respiratory illness

    On December 28, 2023 / News

    Pharmacies are trying to help with a spike in respiratory illnesses as intensive care units burst with patients. Pharmacists Manitoba said it is working with the province on ways for pharmacists to provide more care options to Manitobans and keep Manitobans out of the doctor's office.…

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  • Pharmacists applaud COVID booster shot update

    On December 8, 2023 / News

    The organization that represents Manitoba pharmacists says it is pleased the province has updated and clarified its guidelines on COVID-19 booster eligibility post-viral infection. “We recognize that there are a number of Manitobans who are making preparations to head to warmer climates for the winter, and were anxious about their ability to receive vaccination before leaving, and so this provides better clarification for health providers on what the expectations are for people who might be asking for their vaccines closer than six months,” said Tim Smith, pharmacy practice adviser with Pharmacists Manitoba.…

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  • Manitoba pharmacists hope to expand on scope of services they are able to provide

    On October 19, 2023 / News

    Darren Murphy, the Board President of Pharmacists Manitoba, shares the benefits of being able to take on these extra duties. “By pharmacists having an extended scope and being able to provide more services to Manitobans, we can really increase accessibility for those who don’t currently have access to health care. Our profession is trusted, accessible, and both ready and able to do more to help improve the health of Manitobans and our health care system.” Murphy says delays in regulatory changes a…

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  • COVID, flu vaccines in short supply as clinics, pharmacies wait for new doses

    On October 18, 2023 / News

    Tim Smith, pharmacy practice adviser with Pharmacists Manitoba, said the first shipments of Moderna’s XBB-targeting vaccine were rolled out Oct. 4, and it can take typically three or four weeks for an initial shipment to arrive at pharmacies across the province. The provincial government orders and distributes the vaccine to pharmacies. Pharmacists want to assure people they’ll be able to get vaccinated, Smith said, noting demand is always highest at the beginning of respiratory virus season. The season typically peaks in January or February.…

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  • Manitoba Tories make election promise to have more health care at pharmacies

    On September 19, 2023 / News

    Tory cabinet minister James Teitsma says the change would offer easier access to health care and reduce the demand on clinics and doctors offices. He says it would also reduce the need for patients to go to multiple locations for treatment and prescription-filling. Darren Murphy, the board president of Pharmacists Manitoba, welcomes the idea and says it would bring Manitoba in line with other provinces.…

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  • Post-op becomes a real pain in the knee

    On August 26, 2023 / News

    Pharmacists have been lobbying the provincial government to get on board, saying the failure to enact the exemption puts an additional administrative burden on medical practitioners and pharmacists and creates needless confusion and frustration for patients. “Frankly, it’s a waste of health-care resources, and more importantly, it’s an inconvenience and a frustration to the patient who’s already probably going through somewhat of a stressful situation,” said Tim Smith, pharmacy practice adviser with Pharmacists Manitoba. “We, along with the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, have been pushing for this regulatory change because of circumstances like this, where people end up being without medication that they might really need.”…

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  • Some Manitoba pharmacy grads are suffering amid broken regulations

    On May 18, 2023 / News

    They’re the first graduates of a new pharmacy program in Manitoba, but old regulations are preventing new pharmacists from making the most of their degrees. The doctor of pharmacy degree, or PharmD for short, is a four-year program at the University of Manitoba designed to expand the scope of what pharmacists can do. …

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  • Manitoba hit by nationwide drug shortages, but local pharmacists say there are other options

    On January 7, 2023 / News

    Current shortages will resolve, but 'the question is what's the next one around the corner': pharmacist. Manitobans may have noticed empty shelves at their local pharmacies as a nationwide shortage of cold and flu products hits the province.…

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  • Pharmacist Manitoba Supporting New Year Resolutions To Quit Smoking

    On January 1, 2023 / News

    Pharmacists Manitoba is supporting people’s New Year resolutions to quit smoking. “We are encouraging those who have set ‘quitting smoking’ as their new year’s resolution to take advantage of this initiative” says Tanjit Nagra, CEO of Pharmacists Manitoba.…

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  • Flu and Respiratory Illnesses Cause High Absentee Rates at School and Daycares

    On November 18, 2022 / News

    Sky-high daycare absences are the new reality for centres feeling the flu's impact. Absence rates at the RRC Early Childhood Centre were as high as 53 per cent this week. The centre said parents have been very diligent keeping sick kids home. Earl Grey Children’s centre was half that, with 25 per cent of its children absent.…

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  • Manitoba Not Reporting Flu Data

    On November 15, 2022 / News

    The Public Health Agency of Canada says the country is in the midst of an influenza epidemic, but the province is Manitoba isn't reporting current flu data.…

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  • Grinding out local solution amid national medication shortage

    On September 6, 2022 / News

    It’s a “relatively uncommon” response to a shortage Pharmacists Manitoba practice adviser Tim Smith said has hit the province a little later than much of the country, but still hit hard. “It seems to be getting worse before it’s going to get better. When the stories first started hitting national media, some products were in and out of supply here (in Manitoba) but it hadn’t really hit a critical mass at that point,” Smith said. “But since then, we’ve really seen that the overwhelming majority of acetaminophen and ibuprofen products are no longer available, particularly those products intended for children.” Compound prescriptions are more commonly seen in topical pain creams (as a replacement for oral treatments) or hormone replacement therapy. In that essence, it’s not a new process at all, and supply chain issues have been impacting Manitoba’s pharmaceutical industry for years, advocates said. However, with supply chain disruptions having skyrocketed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the general public may be forced to become more aware of the benefits of compound prescriptions, Smith said. “I’d say what’s really captured the public imagination here is that everyone knows Tylenol and Advil, and especially because it impacts children’s formulations, I think that’s what’s really brought it onto the radar for people,” he said.…

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  • Worried about a shortage of children's medications? Here's what you need to know

    On August 19, 2022 / News

    On Monday, Toronto's SickKids hospital advised parents and caregivers of its patients that they would now need a prescription for children's acetaminophen or ibuprofen products for take-home use, due to the nationwide shortage. However, on Tuesday, the hospital clarified that advice, saying it "recommended" a prescription "to help ensure access" to a pharmacy's larger stock bottles, adding that its original message was not meant for the general public. According to the Ontario Pharmacists Association, a prescription can be helpful because it tells the pharmacist the right amount of medication to dispense to the individual child, and what dosage to put on the label, based on their age and weight. That said, a prescription is not mandatory. "What is available at any given day may be changed from day to day, or week to week, but there are products that are still out there," said Tim Smith, a Winnipeg pharmacist and pharmacy practice adviser for PHARMACISTS MANITOBA. "Pharmacists are experts in helping navigate drug shortage issues [and] will help you find the appropriate medication for your child." Some pharmacies have pre-emptively moved their remaining stock of pediatric pain and fever products behind their counters to discourage panic-buying, noted Power, and customers who encounter empty shelves should speak with a pharmacist to see if the medicine is still available, and what the alternatives are.…

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  • Manitoba parents can book COVID-19 vaccination for at-risk, Indigenous kids under 5 starting Monday

    On July 20, 2022 / News

    Manitoba is expanding COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to include children under the age of five, but due to a temporary shortage of doses, the province is prioritizing kids with certain medical conditions and those who are First Nations, Métis and Inuit. "I know this day is a day that many parents have been waiting for for quite some time. Many will feel that sense of relief that their child is now eligible," Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin said during a Wednesday afternoon news conference. "This vaccine has a very safe profile and is effective." Health Canada approved the two-dose Moderna vaccine for kids age six months to four years old last week. The dosage is roughly one-quarter the size of the dose given to adults. There are approximately 76,700 children in Manitoba in the under-five age group, but the province is only receiving 14,900 doses in the first delivery, Roussin said. They won't be available at pharmacies because pharmacists aren't legally able to immunize children in this age bracket, at least for now. Roussin indicated that public health may look to pharmacists to help out at some point, and Pharmacists Manitoba says it's ready and willing. "Pharmacists across the province are certainly prepared and ready to help keep our community safe in any way possible. And so if the province calls upon us to help immunize younger children, we're prepared to step up to the plate," said Tim Smith, the pharmacy practice adviser for the organization. …

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  • Pharmacists Manitoba Practice Advisor, Tim Smith: Provincial program seeks to assist smokers ditch habit

    On April 1, 2022 / News

    On April 1, 2022 l News - Butting-out could become a bit easier for Manitobans, as pharmacists prepare to offer counselling and nicotine replacement therapy for those ready to ditch the habit. According to Pharmacists Manitoba, the program include a 60-minute session with a pharmacist to create a personalized plan. Up to nine follow-up appointments are also included, which can take up to 15 minutes each. A $100 subsidy for nicotine replacement therapies or prescribed medications is also available. More than 170 pharmacies are participating in a new smoking cessation program intended to improve quit rates for people with tobacco dependency. Up to 4,500 people are expected to enroll in the program over a three-year period, Mental Health Minister Sarah Guillemard said Friday. “I personally know that smoking is very difficult to quit and most people need to try more than one time in order quit successfully,” Guillemard said during an announcement at Pembina Drugs in the Fort Richmond area of Winnipeg. “Research shows that people with access to smoking cessation counselling are up to 40 per cent more likely to quit successfully.”…

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  • PRESS RELEASE - Pharmacists Manitoba Reminds Manitobans with Symptoms of COVID-19 and/or Close Contacts to Visit Provincial Testing Sites Instead of Pharmacies for Testing

    On January 6, 2022 / News

    Winnipeg, MB – January 6, 2022 - Pharmacists Manitoba is reminding Manitobans who have symptoms of COVID-19 and/or individuals have been a close contact of a positive case of COVID-19 to visit public testing sites for the appropriate testing. “We need Manitobans to visit a public testing site if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or if they have been in close contact with a positive case,” says Ashley Hart, Past President of Pharmacists Manitoba. Hart adds, “Rapid antigen testing at pharmacies was always intended for asymptomatic individuals, that has not changed. However, moving forward asymptomatic close contacts of positive cases should now also visit public testing sites.”…

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  • Former President Ashley Hart, Pharmacists Manitoba - Global News | Finding ‘peace of mind’ COVID-19 test before holiday get-togethers not easy in Manitoba

    On December 21, 2021 / News

    On Tuesday, December 21, 2021, Winnipeg - Ashley Hart, past president of Pharmacists Manitoba says pharmacists are having a hard time finding at-home tests to stock their shelves with too. Hart says pharmacists are also in a difficult position of trying to decide whether or not to order tests to sell while not knowing if provincial government will eventually give them away for free.…

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  • Former President Ashley Hart, Pharmacists Manitoba - CTV News | Some Manitobans having trouble finding a booster shot before the new year

    On December 15, 2021 / News

    On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, Winnipeg - The province is pushing for eligible Manitobans to get their booster shot as soon as possible, but some people are having trouble finding an available dose before the holidays. Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin made it clear that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has arrived in Manitoba, and the best protection against the new strain is to get vaccinated. “If that means your first or second dose, we need that,” said Roussin. “If it means you’re eligible now for your third dose, we need as many Manitobans to get that vaccine in the next two weeks, before what we know is going to be a large amount of people gathering during our holiday season.” Past president of Pharmacists Manitoba, Ashley Hart said booster availability will differ in pharmacies across the province.…

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  • President Ashley Hart, Pharmacists Manitoba - CBC, Winnipeg Free Press & Brandon Sun | Youngest eligible Manitobans can get COVID-19 vaccine at pharmacies when feds approve it for kids

    On November 18, 2021 / News

    On Thursday, November 18, 2021, Winnipeg - Pharmacists Manitoba president Ashley Hart said the organization appreciates the government taking action on its request. "We believe that this policy change will help avoid the mass confusion and frustration which we had anticipated if there were an age discrepancy between the age of eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines, and the age which pharmacists are permitted to vaccinate," Hart said in a statement…

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  • President Ashley Hart, Pharmacists Manitoba | CTV News | Manitoba pharmacists want to be able to vaccinate kids as young as 5

    On November 8, 2021 / News

    On November 8, 2021 - Pharmacists Manitoba’s request comes as it anticipates the federal government will soon approve the COVID-19 vaccine for kids as young as five years old. The non-profit said without the change, Manitobans could end up confused and frustrated.…

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  • CEO Tanjit Nagra, Pharmacists Manitoba | CBC News | Manitoba pharmacists call for change of regulation that only allows them to immunize people 7 and up

    On November 8, 2021 / News

    On November 8, 2021 - Pharmacists Manitoba is calling on Health Minister Audrey Gordon to Sign off on an order of council that will lower the age minimum to five from seven.…

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  • Christine Vaccaro Pharmacists Manitoba, Student Liaison - Student's research contributes to quit-smoking program

    On October 26, 2021 / News

    On Tuesday, OCTOBER 26, 2021 - A research study by a UM pharmacy student is playing a role in a globally unique program to help Manitobans quit smoking. Christine Vaccaro, who will graduate as a pharmacist in 2023, recently conducted a study of pharmacists’ needs as they prepare to offer the Quit Smoking with Your Manitoba Pharmacist program. “The insights from Christine’s research have helped Pharmacists Manitoba understand the supports pharmacists need to make the program successful,” says Dr. Brenna Shearer, former CEO of Pharmacists Manitoba, clinical assistant professor at the College of Pharmacy and supervisor of the study. …

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  • President Ashley Hart, CBC, Get the shot as Manitoba wont be spared a flu season again,

    On October 22, 2021 / News

    On Friday, October 22, 2021 - President Ashley Hart, interviewed for CBC News. "It's nice that we're encouraging different means for everyone to stay healthy this winter," said Ashley Hart, who also serves as president of Pharmacists Manitoba. Her pharmacy on Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg expects to give out 500-600 flu shots. She said demand is already on pace with last year's record-setting campaign. "I think with COVID around, everyone's more aware of the benefits of vaccines and immunizations and I think the public generally wants to protect themselves and their loved ones in the best way possible," Hart said. …

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  • Introducing New Ceo, Tanjit Nagra

    On October 20, 2021 / News

    Winnipeg, MB – October 20, 2021 – Pharmacists Manitoba is pleased to announce that Tanjit Nagra will be taking over as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on November 1, 2021. Tanjit Nagra brings to the role of CEO her experience in government relations, not-for-profit management, and community leadership. She is skilled in strategic planning, advocacy, and public relations. Nagra has served on many community boards, including the University of Manitoba Board of Governors, University of Manitoba Senate and she is also a former President of the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU). Through her involvement at her alma mater, Nagra was instrumental in introducing the universal bus pass program (U-Pass) and flexible health and dental coverage for 20,000+ members.…

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  • New Measures Will Allow Manitoba Travellers to Access Covid-19 Rapid Tests At Pharmacies

    On October 18, 2021 / News

    On Monday, October 18, 2021, Pharmacists Manitoba President Ashley Hart joined Audrey Gordon, Minister of Health and Seniors Care to announce that the provincial government has taken steps to enable pharmacists to perform COVID-19 rapid tests for people travelling outside of the province.…

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  • Pharmacists Manitoba Vice President—Tim Smith's Interview with The Winnipeg Free Press on Ivermectin Shortage

    On September 28, 2021 / News

    On Monday, September 27, 2021, Pharmacists Manitoba Vice President Tim Smith spoke with The Winnipeg Free Press about the shortage of Ivermectin due to people trying to use it to treat COVID-19.…

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  • Manitoba HIV Medication Program

    On September 22, 2021 / News

    Patients in this program may present to any Manitoba pharmacy. Please read the information on this program and share with your pharmacy team to ensure you are prepared should a patient from this program present to your pharmacy.…

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  • Province Announces Nearly $14 Million To Support Covid-19 Vaccine Confidence and Uptake

    On September 21, 2021 / News

    On Sept 21, Pharmacists Manitoba President, Ashley Hart participated in a press conference held by the Manitoba Government to announce a new program that empowers health care professionals to reach vaccine-hesitant communities. …

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  • Pharmacists Manitoba Vice President—Tim Smith's Interview with CTV on Ivermectin

    On September 2, 2021 / News

    On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, Pharmacists Manitoba Vice President—Tim Smith spoke with CTV news, cautioning Manitobans about taking ivermectin paste…

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  • Pharmacists Manitoba in the New May 2021

    On May 6, 2021 / News

    News Stories involving Pharmacists Manitoba for May 2021…

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  • Pharmacists Manitoba in the News April 2021

    On April 21, 2021 / News

    News Stories involving Pharmacists Manitoba for April 2021…

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  • Pharmacists Manitoba Past President, Barret Procyshyn was interviewed for the Winnipeg Free Press article: Thousands of patients, so few doses: Doctors are frustrated over AstraZeneca rollout.

    On April 7, 2021 / News

    Pharmacists Manitoba Past President, Barret Procyshyn was interviewed for the Winnipeg Free Press article: Thousands of patients, so few doses: Doctors are frustrated over AstraZeneca rollout.…

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  • Pharmacists Manitoba President, Pawandeep Sidhu took part in a Winnipeg Free Press Article: Waste? So far not, but plenty of want

    On April 5, 2021 / News

    Pharmacists Manitoba President, Pawandeep Sidhu took part in a Winnipeg Free Press Article: Waste? So far not, but plenty of want…

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  • Pharmacists Manitoba Past President, Barret Procyshyn interviewed by Global News: Some provinces give pharmacists a variety of COVID-19 vaccines. Why isn’t Manitoba?

    On March 31, 2021 / News

    Pharmacists Manitoba Past President, Barret Procyshyn was interviewed by Global News: Some provinces give pharmacists a variety of COVID-19 vaccines. Why isn’t Manitoba?…

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  • Pharmacists Manitoba in the News

    On March 18, 2021 / News

    Last Friday, March 12, Pharmacists Manitoba Past President, Barret Procyshyn spoke with Radio Canada (French CBC) about pharmacists giving COVID-19 vaccinations and the vaccination process. Interview starts at about 2:18 minutes in.…

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  • PHAC Webinar for Health Care Providers COVID-19 Vaccines Emerging Issues Webinar: Delayed Injection Site Reactions (including COVID-19 Arm)

    On March 10, 2021 / News

    This moderated and live webinar includes a presentation and discussion on the topic of delayed injection site reactions (inducing COVID-19 Arm), with live Q&A to inform health care and vaccine providers. This webinar is hosted by the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCCID).…

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  • Statements on The Authorization of the Astrazeneca Covid-19 Vaccine

    On March 1, 2021 / News

    While the approval of the AstraZeneca vaccine is very good news, the vaccine still needs to be shipped to Manitoba. …

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  • Manitoba Expanding Number of Professions Able to Administer COVID-19 Vaccine

    On February 10, 2021 / News

    Proactive Approach will Help Protect More Manitobans When Vaccine Supply Increases: Stefanson In order to build capacity and prepare for an unprecedented immunization campaign, the province has once again expanded the professions that will be able to protect Manitobans by administering the COVID-19 vaccine, Health and Seniors Care Minister Heather Stefanson announced today. …

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