Christine Vaccaro Pharmacists Manitoba, Student Liaison - Student's research contributes to quit-smoking program

On October 26, 2021 / News

Student’s research contributes to quit-smoking program planned for Manitoba pharmacies

Program to provide counselling and $100 in products for every Manitoban who wants to quit

OCTOBER 26, 2021 — 

A research study by a UM pharmacy student is playing a role in a globally unique program to help Manitobans quit smoking.

Christine Vaccaro, who will graduate as a pharmacist in 2023, recently conducted a study of pharmacists’ needs as they prepare to offer the Quit Smoking with Your Manitoba Pharmacist program.

“The insights from Christine’s research have helped Pharmacists Manitoba understand the supports pharmacists need to make the program successful,” says Dr. Brenna Shearer, former CEO of Pharmacists Manitoba, clinical assistant professor at the College of Pharmacy and supervisor of the study.   

The program, to be launched in January 2022, will pay pharmacies for assessment, prescribing, counselling and follow-up sessions that pharmacists do with patients. It will be managed by Pharmacists Manitoba, the non-profit advocacy body for pharmacists in the province.

Every patient who participates in Quit Smoking with Your Manitoba Pharmacist is eligible to receive up to $100 in nicotine-based therapies, such as patches, or in the prescription drug varenicline.

The program marks the first time Manitoba pharmacies will be compensated for assessing and counselling patients. It’s a significant step for the profession in Manitoba, Vaccaro says.

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