Former President Ashley Hart, Pharmacists Manitoba - Global News | Finding ‘peace of mind’ COVID-19 test before holiday get-togethers not easy in Manitoba

On December 21, 2021 / News

Ashley Hart, past president of Pharmacists Manitoba says pharmacists are  having a hard time finding at-home tests to stock their shelves with too. Hart says pharmacists are also in a difficult position of trying to decide whether or not to order tests to sell while not knowing if provincial government will eventually give them away for free. “This is a juggling act,” she said.

Hart says many, if not all, pharmacies will have rapid tests normally reserved for travelers – the ones that need to be done at the pharmacy  — that  can also be used by those looking for reassurance before a family get-together. But instead of the $10-15 cost of an at-home test, the pharmacy tests come with a price tag in the $40-range.

“If you just wanted a peace of mind test, you could and you would receive the same kind of service with the documentation as you would for travel, for example,” Hart said. “I don’t want to make this sound like a money grab, but unfortunately, that’s all that I know is available for sure right now to the public. “There might be some pharmacies that have access to some tests that are available for direct sale to the public (but) it’s just a matter of trying to find them.”

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