Flu and Respiratory Illnesses Cause High Absentee Rates at School and Daycares

On November 18, 2022 / News

Tim Smith -the pharmacy practice advisor with Pharmacists Manitoba - says the medications are snapped up just as quickly as they hit the shelves. The lack of children’s versions is leading parents and pharmacists to turn to altered adult doses.

"We don't want to make any mistakes and pharmacists are always here to help,” Smith said.

Flu shots are also being recommended by pharmacists. The province says as of Wednesday - 15 per cent of people have received their flu shots.

Smith thinks that uptick number could be higher if they had the staff to meet demand.

"Demand seems to also be higher than in previous years. The phone is often ringing off the hook. And pharmacists, like many other health professionals in our province right now, are strapped for resources right now and staffing capacity. And they are struggling to keep up with demand."

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