Award of Merit

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is bestowed upon an active member of Pharmacists Manitoba in recognition for active participation and promotion contributing to the benefit of Pharmacists Manitoba and the Profession of Pharmacy. This award was established for initial presentation in 1995. The criteria for nominations are:

  1. The nominee must be a pharmacist in good standing with Pharmacists Manitoba.
  2. Nomination forms are to be submitted with the names and signatures of at least three (3) members in good standing with Pharmacists Manitoba.
  3. The submission shall outline the nominee’s qualifications and contributions for receipt of this award.
  4. The nominee may not be currently serving as a Director of Pharmacists Manitoba or on the Awards Committee, except in an ex-officio capacity.
  5. This award is not presented posthumously.
  6. Submissions for this award must be in the hands of the Board of Directors prior to January 31, 2017.
  7. The award is presented at such time as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.
  8. Power of decision for granting of the Award of Merit rests with the Board of Directors of Pharmacists Manitoba.
  9. The Pharmacists Manitoba Award of Merit is not necessarily granted every year.

Past recipients of the Award of Merit are:

1995             Don Radley

1997             Barb Cinnamon

1999             Morna Cook

2005             Ralph Whitefield

2006             Tom Busch

2007             Marian Kremers

2008             Charles Narvey

2009             Shawn Bugden

2010             Meera Thadani

2011             Pam Johnson

2012             Elmer Kuber

2013             Bonnie Coombs

2014             Gayle Romanetz

2015             Alison Desjardins

2016             Melvin Baxter

If you would like to forward a nomination for the Award of Merit please complete the online nomination form at  prior to January 31, 2017.

Please do not provide any personal information such as credit card number, date of birth to this form