Pawandeep Sidhu, Award of Merit 2023

Pawandeep Sidhu, Award of Merit 2023


2023 Winner of the

Award of Merit:

Pawandeep Sidhu




Pawandeep graduated from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba in 2013 and moved to Thompson, MB. for the first three years of her career. In Thompson, she worked for a chain pharmacy where she took on additional leadership roles including pharmacy manager and eventually becoming the franchise-owner. In 2016, Pawandeep moved back home to Winnipeg to cover a maternity leave and take on a corporate role of Pharmacy Operations Specialist. In this role she was responsible for supporting 42 locations and 37 franchise-owners with their pharmacy business, after finishing this term she moved back to being a franchise-owner.  

In 2020 she decided to switch paths and moved into a not-for-profit pharmacy role as a manager but soon realized she missed pharmacy operations on a large scale. She was a Pharmacy District Manager for the last year and a half and most recently started a new role as the Manager of Pharmacy Advocacy for Sobeys National Pharmacy Group. In this role she is responsible for proactively managing the company’s advocacy strategy, government relations, policy matters, and other industry issues in support of optimal pharmacy practice and operations at a national level.   

In addition to her pharmacy roles, Pawandeep volunteered for six years as a Board Director with Pharmacists Manitoba, including two terms as President. During her tenure, her accomplishments included working with government to expand scope of practice for Manitoba pharmacists to add prescribing for uncomplicated urinary tract infections, supporting the vaccine task force on the community pharmacy COVID vaccine rollout, and successfully negotiating pharmacy administration fees for COVID vaccines.  

Pawandeep also participated in the development of a social impact bond to support Manitobans in becoming non-smokers with the help of their pharmacist, and she continues to serve on the board that oversees this program. She also participates on the Economics Advisory Committee as a Corporate Member. Pawandeep is passionate about both pharmacy and lifelong learning.  

She is currently completing her Masters of Business Administration at the University of Manitoba, Asper School of Business with a concentration in organizational leadership and health administration. Lastly, in her free time, Pawandeep loves to travel, spend lots of time outdoors with her active shepherd husky, Princess Fiona, and spend time with her close family, friends and most recently her newborn nephew.