Sheril Cyriac, Bowl of Hygeia Award 2023

Sheril Cyriac, Bowl of Hygeia Award 2023


2023 Winner of the

Bowl of Hygeia Award:


Sheril Cyriac




Sheril Cyriac was born and raised in Southern India. She graduated from Dr MGR Medical University in 1997She taught in the Pharmacy Tech program until she moved to Canada in 2005 with her two young daughters and husbandIn 2008 she received her pharmacist’s license in Canada and worked with Rexall in Ontario as a staff pharmacist first and then pharmacy managerBy 2011, Sheril and her husband had decided to open their own pharmacy and moved to Manitoba. In 2012, they opened St Malo Pharmacy in the town of St Malo, 45 minutes south of Winnipeg. 


From the start, Sheril has been actively involved in serving the community. Rat River Health Council, Epic Smile of St. Malo, Contributor to the St. Malo Chamber of Commerce monthly bulletin, Secretary/Treasurer, ran an immunization clinic for residence and speaker on health talks at Chalet Malouin Seniors’ Residence. 


In addition to teaching catechism at the St Margaret Parish, she volunteers at the annual St.Malo Fall Supper,  Pilgrimage at the St. Malo Grotto, St. Malo Family Hockey Tournament, Breakfast with Santa, Volunteer Awards Night, helping with rural week and other community events as needed.  


For her pharmacy practice, St Malo pharmacy offers all the expanded scope of services from smoking cessation to lab test ordering. During COVID, Sheril was the first person that patients would call to get clarity on vaccine eligibility. 


Sheril is also enthusiastic about giving back to the pharmacy community. She has served on the board of Pharmacist’s Manitoba from April 2017 to March 2019 and Nov 2021 to March 2022. St. Malo Pharmacy is an SPEP site for University of Manitoba’s Pharmacy students and Sheril has also been a preceptor to many interns during the past years. 


Sheril is also a firm believer of lifelong learningIn addition to practicing in all the expanded scope approved by the college, she is also a CDE and graduated from University of Toronto’s PharmD for Pharmacist’s Program in 2021.  


Sheril loves to spend her spare time with her husband Madhavan and two daughters Malavika and Malini and is looking forward to Malavika’s wedding with Brett in April 2024. There goes her spare time for the next year! She loves to go skating, stand-up paddling and kayaking on the St Malo Lake.