Wellness 365

Wellness 365

Wellness 365 is an outlet where Pharmacists Manitoba members can better their health. Wellness 365 will teach and provide options on eating sustainably and to support your lifestyle. Additionally, with online training and in-person training, your fitness will be elevated and structured around your individual desires and goals.


Wellness 365 is a platform where you can come and learn about optimal health, whether it pertains to nutrition, training, recovery, reducing chronic inflammation, organ health, stress, finances, emotions, mindfulness, spirituality, sleep; whatever the topic may be that effects your wellness! Wellness 365 is your resource for insight and education in an area where a wealth of information is readily available in a simplified capacity.


A transformational environment to maximize optimal health and supply individuals with the tools to excel in their lifestyle, our team has fully dedicated their lives to distribute, develop, research, and create ways for you to have an enjoyable journey on your way to better Wellness — lets get to it!


Pharmacists Manitoba members are eligible to receive 30% off any of Wellness 365 services. Some of the many services we offer are:


Nutritional Programming

Online Physical Training with access to our app

1:1 Progress Reviews

2 In-Person Training Sessions per month (currently available to residents in Winnipeg only)

Access to discounted local organic food options this spring from Back to Roots Farm in Libau, MB



To access the Wellness 365 member benefit, login to your Pharmacists Manitoba member profile and then click here to access the Wellness 365 promo code.