Membership Information

Membership Information

Pharmacists Manitoba is all about you, our members, and providing resources to help you adapt to ever-changing practice while continuing to advocate on your behalf. Over the past year, Pharmacists Manitoba has completed the Strategic Plan for 2023 – 2026 and has identified the following pillars:

  • Support the pharmacy community in awareness and navigation of the changing pharmacy landscape and environment.
  • Strategically network and develop meaningful opportunities to collaborate and partner with interprofessional networks.
  • Work collaboratively with government to advance pharmacy practice in Manitoba (scope and compensation).

Some of the actions that will be undertaken to advance these objectives are:

  • Educate our members on upcoming disruptors like Amazon, AI, big data, tech companies through continuing education opportunities such as the Conference, virtual events, and/or by sharing tools and resources
  • Provide new and timely member benefits and resources which directly relate to modifications to regulations and advancements made within the pharmacy profession
  • Sustain the role of a "Pharmacy Practice Advisor" or staff pharmacist on the Pharmacists Manitoba team to assist with our advocacy efforts on your behalf.

The Provincial Election will take place in 2023 and development of the election strategy is already underway. The strategy will include communicating the value of pharmacists (and pharmacy teams) within the healthcare system and positioning ourselves as a solution to many strains on the system.

To continue being a valuable part of what we at Pharmacists Manitoba are doing for you, it is time to renew your membership! Not only to stay in the loop and support the changes that we work hard to negotiate for you, but to keep accessing the valuable benefits you receive as a Pharmacists Manitoba member such as:

  • Professional Liability Insurance – Optional
  • Advocacy to the Provincial Government for Higher Remuneration on Existing Pharmacy Services and Implementation of New Funded Services
  • 85% off RxFiles – Limited Time Offer
  • Discounted Spring Conference Registration
  • Free Virtual Fall Conference Registration
  • Weekly Member Email Updates
  • Preferred Provider Benefits and Discounts

Additionally, over the next year, we need you on board as we continue to focus our mission of advocating on our members’ behalf and plan to accomplish the following:  

  • Listen to you, our members.
  • Continue to be accessible for you to reach out to when you have questions or concerns, or to draw our attention to something that needs our focus. 
  • Consistently seek out additional benefits our members want including increased access to CEU’s through the Pharmacists Manitoba/OPA Discounted Professional Development Benefit with additional courses COMING SOON!
  • Advocate for more representation, increasing the profile of pharmacists in the eyes of government, the public and the media.
  • Advocate for both the broadening of, and improved reimbursement for professional services including:
    • modernization of the EIA Program with increased compensation
    • increased compensation for influenza vaccinations in time for the 2023 Flu Season

The future of pharmacy professional services in our province is riding on the outcome of what we do for you! The pharmacy profession is evolving quickly, and the Pharmacists Manitoba Board of Directors is working tirelessly for you, our membership, to ensure that the scope of practice for Manitoba Pharmacists and reimbursement for that scope of practice aligns with other Canadian provinces.

Thank you once again for your commitment to Pharmacists Manitoba and supporting advocacy for the pharmacy community! We could not do all that we do without your support. We look forward to serving you for another year!

Your membership is your voice, and we need to hear from you.

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