Affinity Rx - Mobility Page

Affinity Rx - Mobility Page

 iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

 The estimated wait time is 4-12 weeks for any iPhone 6S orders.  Last year the wait for some models and    colours were up to 14 weeks.

 Our Partnership with TELUS 

Since starting the program in September 2012, we have over 1,300 TELUS subscribers on the program!  

We have been managing monthly billing, add-ons, account changes and all other TELUS mobility inquiries over the last two and a half years for members, but with such a large subscriber base, we are moving to a new model where members will be able to connect directly with the TELUS Corporate Client Care team for all customer service inquiries including billing, add-ons and account changes.  All new subscribers or those upgrading onto a new 2-year contract will move to this new model.  All existing TELUS subscribers will be transitioning over to this new model shortly and we will contact all members on our TELUS program before we complete this switch.

Eligibility requirements

  • Members needs a credit rating acceptable to TELUS
  • Members must sign a TELUS standard client service agreement or otherwise agree to be liable to TELUS for the charges for and use of the wireless voice and data services provided
  • Each member may activate a maximum of five member devices (for family members, staff, etc.), and remains responsible for use of the services on such devices
  • TELUS may cancel the wireless voice and data services provided if the member is no longer a member of Pharmacists Manitoba 

How it works

1.You can only take advantage of this offer by placing an order through our website

2.Go to the Ordering Page and read all the details on that page

3.When you are ready and have the information required go ahead and place an order

4.Read and accept all the terms and conditions on the final page before completing your order

5.You will receive an email confirmation of your order

6.You will be contacted by TELUS by phone or email if they require any further details to complete your order

7.Your phone will be processed in 5-10 business days and shipped by overnight courier for free

8.Bill starts the day the phone is shipped, but your old phone if you have one, will continue to work during this time

9.Instructions on activating your new phone will be provided inside the packaging

10.TELUS will mail a bill to you each month and you are required to make payment direct to TELUS monthly

If you would like to make changes to your account including billing preferences, payment options, or add-ons, dial 611 from your mobile phone