Bonus Cash and Credit Back

Bonus Cash and Credit Back

  • $150 in cash and bill credit for new activations*
  • $50 bill credit for upgrades/renewals*
  • A free Gel Skin Case for your smartphone 
  • 50% off a car charger
  • No activation fees
  • Free shipping anywhere in Canada
  • Free SIM card with device

Example (for illustrative purposes only)

Device and activation


iPhone 6

Activation fee


Phone cost without contract


Discount on a 2-year contract



$36.00 (on $300)**

Cost charged to your credit card


BONUS cash and credits back offer

-$50 or -$150*


 *A new activation means either transferring from another wireless provider or opening a new account with TELUS with a brand new phone number on a new 2-year contract. The $150 in cash and credits is a $100 bill credit and a $50 Visa cash card.  Upgrades/renewals means that you are an existing TELUS customer signing up for a new 2-year contract.  All bill credits will be applied to your account over a 5-month period if you are eligible. You must be subscribed on our plan for at least 6 months or an additional cancellation fee equivalent to the applicable bonus credits/cash will be applied.  These bill credits and Visa cash card offers are in addition to the device discount you receive when signing a 2-year contract.  

**Pricing listed is for illustrative purposes only and based on rates on September 11, 2015 only.  Prices are subject to change at anytime.  Please refer to the TELUS ordering portal for the most up-to-date device pricing.