Ordering Page

Ordering Page

Eligibility requirements

  • Members needs a credit rating acceptable to TELUS
  • Members must sign a TELUS standard client service agreement or otherwise agree to be liable to TELUS for the charges for and use of the wireless voice and data services provided
  • Each member may activate a maximum of five member devices (for family members, staff, etc.), and remains responsible for use of the services on such devices
  • TELUS may cancel the wireless voice and data services provided if the member is no longer a member of Pharmacists Manitoba

Billing information

Each member will be issued an individual TELUS account number and TELUS will be mailing your bill to you directly each month.  

You will be responsible to pay your bills monthly directly to TELUS and they will manage all your mobility service needs directly (dial 611 from your phone to reach them for billing inquiries, add-ons, etc. from Monday to Friday during business hours). 

If you are sharing this offer, please note that the paper bills will only be mailed to the main account holder and that you will all be sharing the same account number and online account. Billing for all your shared accounts will also be linked together.

 Important information required

  • Pharmacists Manitoba membership number
  • Proof of Pharmacists Manitoba membership (Take picture of your membership card and save  or click here to create a membership card if you do not have one)
  • Government ID for credit check (Driver's License, Social Insurance Number)
  • A credit card to pay for the wireless device 
  • If you are transferring/porting your wireless number from another carrier, you’ll need 

- Wireless number
- Account number

   After reading the Eligibility requirements and the Important information required above, 

   Click here to order.