Pharmacist Immunization Program

Pharmacist Immunization Program

Information for Pharmacists

  • Register with MHHLS and the Provincial Vaccine Warehouse (PVW), using the New Provider Application Form, in order to have access to publicly-funded vaccines (
  • Order publicly-funded vaccines from the PVW using the Vaccines and Biologics Order Form. Please order monthly to ensure inventory control and waste reduction and allow for 3 to 5 days to receive your vaccine order. Please note: in accordance with The Public Health Act, a patient cannot be charged for a publicly-funded vaccine or its administration.
  • Access client immunization history (INTERIM PROCESS) by phoning 204-788-6420 between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. If the client’s immunization history is not required immediately, fax an immunization history request to 204-948-3044 using the Fax Request for Client Immunization History-Fax Transmission Form (
  • Report ALL administered immunizations to MHHLS by completing the Monthly Immunization Inputting Form for Pharmacists ( and faxing it to MHHLS at 204-948-3044 no later than 5 days after month end.
  • All adverse events following immunization (AEFIs) must be reported, as per ThePublic Health Act. The process, including timeline, to report an AEFI is located in the Immunization Program Manual for Immunization Providers in Manitoba.
  • Fee Schedule and Invoicing MHHLS for the administration of publicly-funded vaccines will occur by pharmacies submitting a quarterly invoice to MHHLS ( The doses reported on the invoice will be validated against the Manitoba Immunization Monitoring System (MIMS) and payment subsequently provided to the pharmacy. 

Information on Manitoba’s Immunization Program for all Immunization Providers

The Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors (MHHLS) website contains information pertinent to the effective and safe delivery of immunization services in Manitoba (

Immunization Program Manual for Immunization Providers in Manitoba ( This manual contains important, up-to-date information on Manitoba’s Immunization Program and policies, including all of the links found below.

For guidance on requirements, legislation and standards of pharmacy practice, please refer to the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (

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