Smoking Cessation



We are excited to share the mandatory orientation session with you, in preparation for the provincial-wide launch on April 1, 2022!

The orientation session is now available for on-demand viewing and is mandatory for all pharmacy managers and pharmacists participating in the program. Please follow this link to access the orientation. You will be required to login using the name and email provided when you submitted your Expression of Interest. If you are logging into the platform for the first time you will need to use the password reset option. That will allow you to set a password and complete the login process.

A live Zoom Q&A Webinar was held on March 7th. Hosted by Pharmacists Manitoba, this session was intended for registrants who had indicated their Expression of Interest to participate in the Quit Smoking with your Manitoba Pharmacist Program (Smoking Cessation Social Impact Bond). The Q&A features Tim Smith, Pharmacist Practice Advisor with Pharmacists Manitoba, as well as Amy Oliver from Amy Oliver + Co. The webinar recording is now available for viewing and can be found here. Log in and you will have access to the recording. 

Please note that for login purposes, there cannot be any commas, periods, blank spaces, or other punctuation marks. If your name is hyphenated, the hyphen and space have been removed. All initials have also been removed. If you have difficulty logging in, please contact info@pharmacistsmb.ca.