The Ozturk Pharmacy Business Leadership Award

The Ozturk Pharmacy Business Leadership Award

The Ozturk Pharmacy Business Leadership Award is presented to a pharmacy owner or manager who demonstrates a commitment to the profession by supporting staff pharmacists to embrace expanded scope, providing outstanding and innovative pharmacy services to patients. Nominations should include evidence of how staff and patients have benefitted from the owner’s or manager’s leadership.

Nominations for the Ozturk Pharmacy Business Leadership Award are now closed.

This year's recipient of the Ozturk Pharmacy Business Leadership Award is Darren Murphy.


Darren Murphy has owned community pharmacies since 2008 and has always had a strong philosophy of innovation in pharmacy practice. He routinely invests in his pharmacists to execute innovative ideas and to merge these ideas into everyday practice. Darren is the current CEO of Northway Pharmacy and has achieved the vision of this organization being a cognitive services focused pharmacy, in addition to itmeeting the dispensing needs of patients. By integrating automation and highly efficient workflow systems as part of his pharmacies, he has in turn provided a working environment for his pharmacists to focus on continually advancing their practice and that of the profession of pharmacy.

For over 10 years, Darren has supported pharmacists in their provision of clinical services to all patients that would benefit from them. A significant part of his efforts has been to educate patients about the cognitive based and clinical services that pharmacists provide and how pharmacists can have a positive impact on the health of patients.

From a business perspective, Darren has helped shape Northway Pharmacy into a pharmacy that provides value to patients through the provision of health related services that are both cognitive and clinically based and that allow for positive health outcomes for patients. A few innovative models that are utilized by Darren’s pharmacies (Northway Pharmacy) include home visits (to allow patient access to pharmaceutical care for those that may not otherwise be able to access it), the start-up of an addictions clinic to assist with the opioid crisis and to help people on their path to recovery from addiction and an enhanced clinical service model to help care providers maximize care for individuals they support (developed by Northway Pharmacy). The aforementioned models not only help bridge gaps that exist in health care but they also allow staff and pharmacists to practice in a setting that promotes rewarding careers and that put their pharmacy knowledge and skills to the test everyday.

Northway Pharmacy has evolved from 1 location and 5 employees in 2008 to 11 locations and over 160 employees in 2020. This level of growth and measured success has been driven by innovation in pharmacy practice and by developing strong community relationships in part through dedicated community support. This has led to a successful and growing business but also to improvement in the health and lives of many people in Winnipeg and some of its surrounding communities!

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