The Ozturk Pharmacy Business Leadership Award

The Ozturk Pharmacy Business Leadership Award

The Ozturk Pharmacy Business Leadership Award is presented to a pharmacy owner or manager who demonstrates a commitment to the profession by supporting staff pharmacists to embrace expanded scope, providing outstanding and innovative pharmacy services to patients. 2019 is the inaugural year for The Ozturk Pharmacy Business Leadership Award.

Nominations should include evidence of how staff and patients have benefitted from the owner’s or manager’s leadership.

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Ozturk Financial Pharmacy Business Leadership Award: Amy Oliver

Amy Oliver is an experienced healthcare executive. She is the founder and CEO of Amy Oliver + Co, offering trusted advisory services and professional coaching to practice owners, leaders, and organizations in the healthcare and wellness industries.

Amy has advised and coached over 150 healthcare leaders to drive high performance within healthcare, social services, and academia.

Amy holds an MBA with a dual concentration in Organizational Leadership and Health Administration. She is a licensed pharmacist, a Certified Leadership Coach, and a globally certified Project Management Professional. Amy holds certificates in Emotional Intelligence and Advanced Strategic Management and Leadership.

Amy has won multiple health sector and leadership awards and most recently has been selected as a member of the prestigious Governor General Canadian Leadership Conference.

Amy is a success-driven and proven executive with a passion to assist practitioners, health organizations, and leadership teams in the areas of entrepreneurship, operations, strategy development, project planning, leadership, and engagement, and diversity and inclusion.