PAM 2018

PAM 2018


Why Think Pharmacists?

Pharmacists are accessible

With more than 42,000 licensed pharmacists in Canada, working in over 10,000 pharmacies, pharmacists are the most accessible health care providers in the country. Seeing a pharmacist generally requires no appointment, and their convenient locations mean that pharmacies are close by for most Canadians, wherever they live.

Pharmacists are providing value to the health care system

By reducing the number of people needing hospitalization, visiting emergency rooms, or even needing to book appointments with a family doctor, pharmacists are helping to save the health care system money. With an even greater scope of practice, pharmacists could deliver even greater efficiencies to Canada’s health system.

Pharmacists are doing more than ever before

Although every province and territory is different, pharmacists across the country are able to deliver a broader range of services compared to just a few years ago. By providing new services, such as renewing prescriptions, administering vaccinations, medication management services and prescribing for minor ailments and conditions, Canada’s pharmacists are doing more for their patients than ever before.

I Love My Pharmacist Campaign 

March 1st we are launching I Love My Pharmacist campaign.

We encourage pharmacists to hand out stickers to staff and patients to help raise awareness and promote the important role pharmacists play in delivering quality care to patients. Staff and patients can upload a photo of themselves wearing the stickers onto Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #IloveMBpharmacists. Pharmacists have the option of directly emailing our office at, where we will share the photo on our Twitter page. 

Participants will be entered to win a signed Winnipeg Jets Jersey

CPhA National and Provincial Image and Reputation Survey

We have teamed up with the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) for a National and Provincial Image and Reputation Survey. The Provincial survey studies Manitoban’s overall impression of pharmacists and the important role pharmacists play in the healthcare system. Some of last year’s survey results showed:

  • 96% of Manitobans have a positive impression of pharmacists (just above the national average).
  • Manitobans are more likely than other Canadians to say they are likely to visit a pharmacist to get a vaccine or advice on medicines.
  • Awareness of the services pharmacists can provide is slightly lower than other parts of the country

We will share the 2018 National and Provincial Image and Reputation results in conjunction with PAM 2018.