Executive Committee

The mandate of the Executive Committee is to be" A standing committee of the Pharmacists Manitoba Board. To act as a management committee by tending to the business and affairs of Pharmacists Manitoba arising from and between meetings of the Board in accordance with goals, objectives, and strategic plan of Pharmacists Manitoba".     


Sharon Smith                     Barret Procyshyn                Dennis Wong                    Todd Derendorf                 Scott McFeetors

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Government Relations Committee

Navigating governments, politics, and public opinion is a challenging and important role for Pharmacists Manitoba. The objective of the Government Relations Committee is to collaborate, communicate and negotiate directly with the Manitoba Government, Health Canada, regulators, and third party payers to advance the position of pharmacists in Manitoba.


Jaden Brandt                    Scott  Bowles

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Membership Services Committee

The mandate of the Membership Services Committee is to ensure that Pharmacists Manitoba maximizes benefits for its membership, addressing the needs of current members, while attempting to attract new members, both Corporate and Individual. The Membership Services Committee is responsible for policy guidance related to Pharmacists Manitoba membership, insurance programs and operations, membership benefits and services

Pawandeep Sidhu

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Finance and Human Resource Committee

The objective of the Finance and Human Resource Committee is to assist the Board of Directors fulfill its obligations in respect to financial review, recommendations, and reporting as it relates to financial monitoring, human resources, and compensation matters. The Committee must ensure that adequate financial resources are in place to sustain Pharmacist Manitoba's operations in alignment with Board strategic goals.

Dennis Wong

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Public Relations Committee

Establishing and maintaining public awareness with regards to the role and value of a pharmacist, including their responsibility in maintaining patient safety, is imperative as the landscape of the pharmacy profession changes. The objective of this committee is to establish public relations strategies in order to organize and execute promotional activities in the best interest of Manitoba pharmacists.

Carey Lai

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Professional Relations Committee

The mandate of The Professional Relations Committee is to foster greater awareness and acceptance of pharmacists as fundamental contributors to public health. The role of the Professional Relations committee is to provide advocacy and provide public education resources to pharmacists engaged in the promotion of the pharmacy profession.

Grace Badejo

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Good Governance Committee

The Mandate of The Good Governance Committee is to ensure that the governance of Pharmacists Manitoba is relevant, transparent, functional, and accountable to its membership. The Committee assists the Board in providing long term vision, and in protecting the reputation and values of the organization.

Todd Dorendorf

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