To unify and advance the pharmacy profession


To inspire excellence in practice and promote the value of pharmacists' professional services.

Value Statements

  • Empower, inspire and support members
  • Respect and trust
  • Open and honest communication
  • Act with vision
  • Excellence through continuous improvement
  • Share our success; learn from our lessons
  • Challenge ideas and champion for change
  • Communicate and coach effectively

Strategic Priorities

  1. Promote value and role of pharmacists
  2. Build relationships and unify profession
  3. Advocate compensation for professional services
  4. Increase membership; promote value of MSP
  5. Advance the profession’s position on issues and legislation


  1. Engage governments and funders in meaningful discussions leading to the compensation of pharmacists for the full range of services and products they are able to provide
  2. Promote pharmacists as medication experts and their role as valued members of the health care team
  3. Support pharmacists through continuous professional development and educational opportunities to practice at their full scope
  4. Enhance the value of individual and corporate Pharmacists Manitoba memberships and explore innovative revenue opportunities
  5. Ensure policies and priorities support achievement of strategic objectives and goals