Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy Past President Award

Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy Past President Award

The Award

The CFP Past Presidents Award is to recognize the leadership and time commitment of the Presidents of pharmacy organizations as they step down from their term as President. As a volunteer organization, the Foundation understands and cherishes the contribution that these individuals make to their organizations and to the profession at large.

Glenda Marsh (2016 Past President)

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy Past President’s Award is proudly presented to Ms. Glenda Marsh in recognition of her efforts as President of the College from 2014 to 2016.

Ms. Marsh began her pharmacy career in 2002 after graduating from the University of Manitoba and currently is an Associate Owner of a Shoppers Drug Mart in Brandon.

Since her initial election to the College Council in 2012, Ms. Marsh has been an active member on a number of College committees.

In 2014, upon her re-election to Council, Ms. Marsh was elected as President by her fellow Council members. In her tenure as President, Ms. Marsh has served as the consummate lead for the College, paving the way for implementation of the expanded scope of practice for pharmacists provided through introduction of the new Pharmaceutical Act. This has not been an easy road to navigate, but with Ms. Marsh’s grace and quiet confidence, she has expertly championed our efforts. Ms. Marsh will continue to serve in the capacity of Past President to Council.

Past Presidents of Pharmacists Manitoba

First Name Last Name Past President Date
Stewart Wilcox Past President 73/75
Harvey Cantin Past President 75/78
Dennis McMahon Past President 78/80
Ernest Stefanson Past President 80/83
Morna Cook Past President 83/85
Horst Wuerfel Past President 85/87
Earl  T. (Sam) Doherty Past President 87/89
Lothar Dueck Past President 89/91
Barry Duncan Past President 91/93
Brenda Parrott Past President 93/95
Ross Forsyth Past President 95/97
Donald Radley Past President 97/99
Ralph Whitfield Past President 99/00
Shelley Stepanuik Past President 00/01
Charles Narvey Past President 01/02
Marian Kremers Past President 02/04
Brent Havelange Past President 04/06
Nancy Remillard Past President 06/07
Jay Rich Past President 07/08
Mel Baxter Past President 08/09
Elmer Kuber Past President 2010
Mel Baxter Past President 2013
Scott McFeetors Past President 2015


Past Presidents of the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba

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