Manitoba pharmacists hope to expand on scope of services they are able to provide

On October 19, 2023 / News

Manitoba pharmacists hope to be able to provide more services to the public like their counterparts in other provinces.

For example,  Alberta pharmacists are currently able to do medicine reviews, order lab tests, and have the authority to prescribe for any medication as appropriate.

Darren Murphy, the Board President of Pharmacists Manitoba, shares the benefits of being able to take on these extra duties.

“By pharmacists having an extended scope and being able to provide more services to Manitobans, we can really increase accessibility for those who don’t currently have access to health care. Our profession is trusted, accessible, and both ready and able to do more to help improve the health of Manitobans and our health care system.”

Murphy says delays in regulatory changes and lack of funding are limiting the scope of services Manitoba pharmacists currently provide.

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