Manitoba pharmacists look to Alberta's expansion of pharmacy care clinics as example

On January 26, 2024 / News

An expanded role for pharmacists might help ease pressure on Manitoba’s health-care system, pharmacists say.

It’s a model being expanded in Alberta, and sees pharmacists take a more clinical approach by offering services through pharmacy care clinics. “Alberta has been a leader in terms of pharmacy scope of practice for more than a decade now,” said Tim Smith, a pharmacy practice advisor with Pharmacists Manitoba.

Right now, at the Medicine Shoppe on Osborne Street, pharmacist Jason Hoeppner prepares medications for his patients, but sometimes, he can’t help as much as he’d like.

“Where a medication isn’t available, rather than having to go back to the doctor or nurse practitioner to get a change, you know, pharmacists can do that on their own and sort of save everybody some time and paperwork,” he said.

Provincial regulation sets out what pharmacists can and can’t do, meaning their reach can vary between provinces.

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