The Blando Group Patient Choice Award

The Blando Group Patient Choice Award

The Blando Group Patient Choice Award is presented to a pharmacist who has been nominated by a patient or non-pharmacist colleague(s) for their outstanding commitment to delivering quality patient care and customer service, and for their lasting impact on patient outcomes or community health and wellness.

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The Blando Group Patient Choice Award: Ian Trembath

Ian Trembath is currently a community pharmacist at Flatland Drugs in Brandon, Manitoba. In 2015, he opened his pharmacy and has managed it for the last six years. Prior to this, he worked at Loblaws pharmacy for seven years.

In 1995, Ian earned a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Biology and Psychology from the University of Toronto. After moving to Vancouver, he worked in a chemical testing lab and opened a tutoring agency with his wife. He continued his interest in carpentry by initiating an apprenticeship in that field. 

After the birth of his first son, he moved back to Winnipeg and completed his Journeyperson Red Seal in carpentry in 2001. 

Wanting to pursue further academia, Ian attended the University of Manitoba and earned his second Bachelor of Science with a special interest in Entomology in 2004, during which time he worked for a professor in the honeybee lab for two summers.

It was at this time that Ian entered into Pharmacy and completed his third degree with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 2008. Just to keep third-year pharmacy interesting, he and his wife had their second son in the summer of 2006. 

Ian has an active interest in promoting Brandon’s Science fair and Brandon’s mental health integrated living. His interests range from swimming to longbow archery, and he is currently building a sailboat and renovating his home.