Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership


Pharmacists Manitoba has a proud and rich tradition of serving its members for over 40 years. Pharmacists Manitoba has always existed to represent, support, negotiate, agree, and advocate on behalf of its members.

Pharmacists Manitoba's purpose is to represent pharmacists in working with governments and third-party payers to provide drugs, pharmaceutical services, and medical supplies. Pharmacists Manitoba is not only the strongest voice advocating for Manitoba pharmacists, Pharmacists Manitoba has the legal authority to advocate and negotiate on behalf of their members.

Through the development and implementation of a strategic plan, a three prong strategy focusing on Professional Relations, Government Relations, and Public Relations, Pharmacists Manitoba continues to strive towards advancing the issues of adequate compensation for pharmacists and improving recognition of pharmacists' role in health care.

These are exciting times for pharmacists practising in Manitoba. With the enactment of the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Act and Canadian provinces advancing government culture to compensate for professional services, Pharmacists Manitoba will continue its pursuit of pharmacist professional service remuneration and develop a long-term strategy, with government, for the delivery of pharmacy services in the province.

Manitoba pharmacies and industry stakeholders support of Pharmacists Manitoba is imperative to ensuring success at this critical time.

Independent Pharmacy Partner

This category of membership is open to all Independent Pharmacies.

GST Included ($47.62)

Corporate Pharmacy Partner

This category of membership is open to chain drugstores and all other pharmaceutical industry stakeholders.

GST Included ($238.10)

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