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Influenza Vaccine Eligibility

COVID-19 & Influenza (Flu) Vaccine Finder

Questions and Answers about Manitoba’s Seasonal Influenza Immunization Program

Flu - Myths and Facts


Pharmacy Services

Your pharmacist is a medication expert, but did you know that they can do more than just fill your prescription? Your Pharmacist is an integral part of your health and is easily accessible to help you monitor your health and manage your medications and medical conditions. Your pharmacist is available year round, without an appointment and can offer you vital healthcare information and professional services.

Manitoba pharmacists help over 50,000 people every day. The impact pharmacists have on Manitobans’ access to front line health care now and in the future is tremendous.

Not too sure which services your pharmacist can provide? Your pharmacists can administer a drug by injection, prescribe medications for self-limiting conditions, adapt a prescription and much more! 

Top 10 Reasons to Talk to your Pharmacist

Pharmacists Helping You Videos

Rethink Pharmacists Manitoba
Rethink Pharmacists Sheril Cyriac   
Rethink Pharmacists Mark Mercure
Manitoba Pharmacists Can Provide More

Your Pharmacist, Your Community

Rita Haroldson shares her experience with Manitoba pharmacist Colin Langedock

The Best Part About Being a Pharmacist

Manitoba pharmacists tell us why they love being pharmacists at the annual Pharmacists Manitoba Conference.